Classroom Activities

Welcome to our Classroom Activities section. Here you will find a variety of lesson plans relating to wildlife and nature. Most of these would be great introductory or wrap-up activities to a zoo visit.

Shaped to Survive (Grades K­–3)

Students create an animal that is appropriately shaped for survival.

Lumpy, Bumpy, Scratchy, Smooth (Grades K­–3)

An activity in which students explore the body coverings of animals in terms of texture.

How Animals Shape Up - Lesson 2/Basic (Grades K­–3)

An activity where students name the shapes that might be seen in the bodies of animals 

Calorie Countdown (Grades K­–4)

An analytical activity in which students will examine how zoo diets simulate animals’ diets in the wild.

Elements of Survival (Grades 4­–6)

An activity where students learn about the living and non-living components of a habitat

Build-a-Habitat (Grades 4­–6) 

Students select the elements necessary for a particular animal to survive and make a habitat for the animal.

Can Salt Kill Beans? (Grades 4­–6)

An analytical activity in which students learn that most plants cannot grow in salt water.

If Birds Don't Chew, What Do They Do? (Grades 6­–8)

An activity to show that birds use their beaks, other body parts, behavior, and tools to capture and process food.

Animal Architects (Grades 6­–8)

An activity in which students examine the functions and kinds of homes used by animals of the LAND and AIR.

Foot Notes (Grades 6-8)

Through this series of lessons, students explore the different modes and means by which animals travel (includes a zoo activity that focuses on animals' feet and methods of movement).